Forms of Art

Art can be expressed in the form of a lovely melody composed by a gifted Musician, in the form of a beautiful figure made by the hands of a creative Sculptor, in the form of a colorful picture painted by the hands of a visionary Painter or in the form of various and innovative objects made by talented and recursive Artisans. Art is the physical result of the expression of our feelings through our talents; therefore it can come in many different forms.
“Forms of Art”, in this case, was created to remember, enhance and commemorate the outstanding products made by all the Artisans in Latin America, because they are as well, beautiful and unique forms of Art. With this site, I hope to share with you the passion and the love I feel for the Latin American Handcrafts and its Contemporary Indigenous Art.

Juanita Bell
General Manager


Fall craft Fair - American School Dubai

02 November 2007

Expat woman Christmas Fair - Dubai

11 November 2007

Open House at Juanita's

24-26 November 2007

Feline Friends Bazzar

30 November 2007

Abu Dhabi Swiss Bazzar - Beach Rotana

13-14-15 December 2007

Hemisphere Gallery - Abu Dhabi

October-November-December 2007

Sunny Days Dubai

October-November-December 2007

Marina Market Dubai

October-November-December 2007

The colombian handcrafts are a beautiful example of what the latin american traditions and culture are . The handcrafts reflect the warmthness of its people,the fun, the music and the friendly atmosphere that characterise that unforgetable country.

Colombia is unique and will be always special to all of those who have had the opportunity to visit it.

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